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Excalibur Holding operates in the civil and industrial construction sector providing inspection services, execution of civil works, engineering projects, operational maintenance and supply to the oil and electric sector, quality and industrial safety. Our scope of service and products allows:

• Construction, adaptation and conformation of single-family homes, town planning and industrial condominiums.

• Laying of production lines, pipelines and pipelines.

• Construction of surface facilities (separators, flare, tank, manifolds, oil / water tractors), pumping systems, instrumentation)

• Rental of equipment for production operations

• Oil, gas and water measurement services

• Construction materials (Metallic Structures, PVC Composite, Ceramics, PVC Sheeting, Sanitary Parts, Window Kit)

• Coils of Steel (Steel Coils)

• Drapex®39

• Loxiol G60 and Loxiol GE 2063

• Impact modifier and lubricants.

• Square and round tube section

• Galvanized steel tube

• Steel band

• Wavy and Angled sheets

• Steel sheets

General Infrastructure

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